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Operative Control Device UOK-2
Brochure UOK-2
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Reference on the operation of X-ray luminescent sorters produced by Bourevestnik, Inc. and operated by CATOCA Mining Society, Lda. concentration plant (Angola)
The UOK-2 Fast Control Device for the checking the intensiveness and kinetic features of diamond and associate minerals is designated to define the numerical values of luminescent features used in X-ray luminescent sorters by Bourevestnik, Ink. in the course of sorting diamonds and associate luminescent minerals. Accumulation, backup storage, analysis and graphical presentation of data arrays are carried out. The features obtained can be used for:

- to analyze the dress ability of diamond-containing materials by deposits and in the course of mining concrete deposits;
- for best choice of sorting features put into sorters;
- to control the operation of luminescent sorters.

The UOK-2 sorter's operation concept is based on the use of diamonds' property of luminescent under X-ray impact and on the difference of those properties with diamonds and associate luminescent minerals. This is the implementation of an option to simultaneously define the features when a luminescent object is detected, both from the radiation side and from the side opposite to radiation. The data obtained with the application of UOK-2, shall serve as a basis for upgrading X-ray luminescent sorters, and also for upgrading enrichment process diagrams for diamond-containing materials.

UOK-2 includes a measurement unit (MU), a control and detection unit (CDU), and a PC with special software.