Products: X-ray luminescence sorters
LS-D4-03P X-Ray Sorter
Brochure LS-D-4-03P
Dimensional Drawing
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The LS-D4-03P Sorter is designated for the pre-final re-treatment of watered concentrate with grain size - 5 + 2 and - 2 + 1 mm.

The sorter's operation concept is based on the use of diamonds' property of luminescent under X-ray impact and on the difference of those properties with diamonds and associate luminescent minerals. This is the implementation of the mode conditionally labeled as «luminescent and absorption", when the X-ray tube and luminescent receptors are located on both sides of the material flow. Herein, the effect of difference in X-ray absorption by diamonds and associate luminescent minerals is used.

The sorter includes a sorting machine (SM) and an automated control rack (ACR).

Material to be processed Watered, clean from mud and sorted materials, classified (contents of main class 85% minimum)
Material grain size classes - 5 + 2 и -2 + 1 mm.
Material feed and transportation system Flow type. 4- stream type. Two treatment pass. Loading hopper (with a flange to connect to the mill's transportation system) - gravity feeder - shaking feeder - shaping slope 4-stream chutes for Pass 1 and 2 (one stream is 24 mm wide) - adjustable outer divider plates for Pass 1 and 2 (concentrate-tailing) - concentrate and tailing channels (with flanges to connect to the relevant pipelines of the mill).
Only single layer feed of material to the analysis area is allowed.
Throuput rates 300-400 kg/hr (- 5 + 2 mm);
120-170 kg/hr (- 2 + 1 mm)
number of tubes
mode of radiation
anode voltage
anode current
2 (one tube per each pass).
Pulse type (pulse length - 0.5 ms; pulse period - 4 ms).
35 kV max.
350 mA
Luminescent signals' receivers
number of receivers
detection channels
Single-sided material luminescent detection.
Photomultipliers (PHM)
8 (4 per each pass).
Analogue-to-digital detection system; options include operation both in amplitude-time mode and in special mode, increased selectivity, using kinetic features for luminescent (extra selection effect is ensured by luminescent-absorption analysis mode).
Ejection Pneumatic, with compressed air, by means of solenoid-operated pneumatic valves 4 -channel splitter per each pass Channel-by-channel edjection
Recovery 99% minimum
Outward flow of material per one edjection (with Throuput rate) Max. 2.0 g (- 5 + 2 mm)
1.0 g (- 2 + 1 mm)
Extra option (supplied after a special order): Protection system against unauthorized access to SM, material
Checking of main systems prior to start of material feed and in the course of operation (material feed is stopped if fault is detected) Sensitivity Failure indication. Monitoring and control from the concentration mill's Automated Process Checkingl System
Only if special smart cards are available and by commissioning.
Electric power supply 380V ± 10%;
50 Hz±2%;
7 kVA
Flow rate for transportation water (0.015 MPa) 1.2 (m³/hr) max.
Flow rate for potable quality water to cool the tubes 6 l/min max.
Flow rate for potable quality water to wash the windows of photo receptors and tube collimators (0.3 MPa) 0.25 l/min max.
Average compressed air flow rate (0.6 MPa) 0.02 m³/min
Overall dimensions (LxWxH), mass:
1200×790×2485 mm;
900 kg
760×550×1745 mm;
230 kg
Operation conditions:
ambient air temperature:
From + 10°С to + 35°С.
Relative humidity (at ambient air temperature + 25°С) SM - to 100%
ACR - to 80%