Products: X-Ray Diamond Recovery Machines
In 1967 SDO of X-Ray Equipment (predecessor of Bourevestnik, Inc.), jointly with the "Yakutalmaz" Trust (which cessionary is Alrosa Co. Ltd.) the first industrial prototype in the world of the X-ray luminescent sorter for rough diamonds was made. During almost 40 years since the first implementation of the process more than 1400 pieces of different models of X-ray luminescent sorters have been produced and installed at production facilities. Diamond sorters count several generations and are constantly improved and upgraded, an active after-sale service is provided. Nowadays there are totally over then 500 sorters made at the enterprise operating at different diamond recovery plants.

Proprietary technical solutions allow usage of sorters with wet materials with size range -50+1 mm on all stages of enrichment. Required drying is needed only prior to pre-final and final enrichment of concentrate with small particles (less then 5 mm).

In consequence of recent science developments and research the selectivity of separation is increased because of existence of the associate luminescent minerals in rough diamonds.