X-ray Sorters
We are pleased to announce that we now sell a range of x-ray sorters to mining clients across the African continent. As official distributors of the Russian-produced Bourevestnik x-ray sorters in Africa, we supply diamond recovery plants with the full range of
x-ray luminescence sorters.

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rtX-ray MCA2000 Tube
Local metal & ceramic X-ray tube manufacturer rtX-ray (Pty) Ltd developed the MCA 2000 x-ray tube specifically for diamond sorting applications. We evaluated and tested the tube, and concluded that this particular tube offers many advantages to our clients, including:

• an extended lifespan;
• reduction of misalignment mistakes;
• a tube which is more economical and energy efficient;
• does not require maintenance and cleaning; and
• comes with a 2000 hour/12 month manufacturer warrantee.

For details on our testing and the tube’s advantages, please download our evaluation detailing the test set-up and results.

Zero Noise X-ray Generator
We supply two models of x-ray generators - the XLF600W and the DXM600W ultra compact model. These units are typically applied in plastics sorting, crystal inspection and diamond inspection. They also incorporate local and remote programming, monitoring, safety interlock, short circuit and overload protections.

Extremely stable voltage and emission current outputs result in significant performance improvements over previously available technology, making these generators the leaders in the market.

Download XLF Series Specification Sheet
Download DXM600W Specificatino Sheet